Nano I have known you

Well, I guess I am living proof that NaNoWriMo can wear a person out. I vowed to write some blogposts prior to November and schedule posts throughout the month. Then, when this didn’t happen, I vowed to write a post a week, chronicling my experience. Today, after catching up on my favorite tech blogs I find I have committed one of the cardinal sins of blogging: that would be not blogging. Well, shoot.

I am making a vow to actually write down the posts I write in my head, the ones on transmedia, and how much I love Digital Book World and why I think the revolution in publishing will have profound impacts on contemporary art. Central to 2011 is a phrase that keeps coming into my mind: story is King (and Queen and the whole dang Court). I vow to collect and post links I think are fab instead of just forwarding emails of link roundups from bloggers more thoughtful than myself to writing colleagues and friends. I vow to post regularly this year (at least once a week) and to report back in December of 2011 on my (incredible) success, because if NaNoWriMo taught me anything this year it was that peer pressure is a bitch from Hell but it sure can get you to do your work.

Yes! I made my 50K (only just) by November 30 and I’m proud of it. This was the first year I included social aspects – getting writing buddies, meeting up to write with them, goading them on as they goaded me on to make up my word count when I fell hideously behind. Actually, I goaded while they praised; my writing buddies are so much nicer than I am. I will never go back to just me and my daily toil. Writing is really, really hard work and it’s work you have to do on your own, but you don’t have to actually be alone. It’s the other writers, and the readers, that make it fun.

So, aside from a rather unfortunate and seemingly tenacious addiction to Starburst (for some reason the pink ones are my faves), NaNoWriMo? Huge success. Now stop bugging me, I’m supposed to be finishing my first draft of the NaNoNovel.


About Tina Hoggatt

I am an artist and writer and work for 4Culture, King County's cultural arts organization.
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4 Responses to Nano I have known you

  1. adriana says:

    Congratulations on winning NaNo! And thanks for the great post — I know what you’re talking about, and I can relate to everything but he Starburst addiction :)) I love this line: “peer pressure is a bitch from Hell but it sure can get you to do your work.” :))
    I am only just now opening my NaNo Word document and reading for the first time what I wrote in November… It’s scary and exciting at the same time!
    Good luck with your 2011 resolutions!

  2. Tina’s right, she IS meaner than her NaNo buds. But she also sends us tons of useful links and blogs and articles and movies and book suggestions and love. Not once did she offer us Starbursts, though. WTF? Great blog Teen Angel! You are nothing, if not a woman of your word, so I have every confidence you will be blogging your butt off. Congrats on punching out the 50K. Knowing you, it’s all gold. No editing needed.
    xxoo Dana

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