plot whisperer

I’ve been checking in to Martha Alderson, the Plot Whisperer’s blog this week as I push parts of my NaNoNovel around on my plate like so many cold peas. Martha is a writer and teacher who is all about plot and how to get it, manage it and keep it from turning on you. She has designated December Plot Writing Month and is posting a daily entry with tasks that are designed to move you through the gnarly challenge of taming the shagginess of the first draft. Especially with NaNoWriMo, where the priority is to generate lots of words, any words, the first draft can be horrific. I made the mistake of taking a chunk of it to my critique group – bless them – the day after NaNo ended. Of course there were many helpful suggestions. The effect was to grind all my best intentions to a halt. With Martha’s help, though I have not finished the first draft, I am assessing what I have, what needs to happen and what scenes appear out of order or wrong-headed. So, though I am not back up on the horse, I am making my way forward aboard my trusty donkey of a project. Thanks, Plot Whisperer! Do you tweet? She’s helpful over there, too: @plotwhisperer.


About Tina Hoggatt

I am an artist and writer and work for 4Culture, King County's cultural arts organization.
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