long night

Greetings from the short side of daylight. I did not see the eclipse (372 years since the last full eclipse on the Solstice!), but the moon was lucent and clear in this morning’s sky before retreating into the cloud cover. It’s the shortest day of the year but from here on out we are headed toward spring.

This has been my year to follow blogs, about writing and technology mostly. In these last days before the first of the year the writers are posting revision advice – story structure, character motivation, ten ways to tell if your lead character belongs in another novel – and technology nerds are gazing back (“Dude, the iPad hasn’t even been in our hands for a year and it’s changed everything!”) and narrowing their eyes at the future, which looks pretty much like the present only more so: more e-readers, notepads, apps, innovation and swirling dust raised by collapsing enterprise.

Let us take a deep breath on this long night of a day and mark the moment. Staying busy is a useful strategy in the dark months, but there is merit in rest as well. I spent many northern winters afraid to slow down lest I grind to a halt, but I wonder if acknowledging the long night might have been the better strategy. So today I honor the darkness. Like the performing bears in Siberia, who sidelined by a transport breakdown reverted to their natural state and went into a deep sleep, take an evening or two to hibernate. Read an antiquated book or turn on your e-reader. Recite a poem out loud. Write a letter, address cards. By the time the new year dawns you will be refreshed.


About Tina Hoggatt

I am an artist and writer and work for 4Culture, King County's cultural arts organization.
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