a child’s christmas in wales

Is there anything lovelier than discovering a great work of art all on your own? Out in the world, knowing what you like, you come across a thing and immediately know – this is good. This is for me.

I feel this way about A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas. It is sentimental in the best way – you feel the author’s affection for his past, nostalgia that is colored by hard wisdom. He can’t go back there to the shawled snow, the family filling the parlor, but he remembers, and fondly.

I knew the book before I heard it recited, a small, blue chapbook bought in Cody’s books on Telegraph Avenue. It  had a letterpress cover. The words were clear and had music in them. Some years later I heard a record of Thomas reciting the piece. I couldn’t find that recording but this one satisfies. I like to listen to this story every year, and to revisit the illustrated edition by Edward Ardizonne. Happy Christmas!


About Tina Hoggatt

I am an artist and writer and work for 4Culture, King County's cultural arts organization.
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2 Responses to a child’s christmas in wales

  1. Each year, we read “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” after dinner on Christmas Eve. It started when the children were much younger; now the youngest is 16 but they all look forward to the story. We have a tape of Dylan Thomas reading it (it may be the one you’re looking for), but reading the story aloud each year has its own charm.

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