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a (very late) inspiration wednesday

Well, it is still Wednesday. I wanted to give a shout out this week to all the artists and writers who donated their work to benefit Red Cross of Japan and other tsunami and earthquake relief efforts. In the Seattle … Continue reading

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I’ve had my inspired moment for this Wednesday. First of all it’s sunny in the Northwest and while it isn’t going to last we will revel in it today. So right from the start of the day things are looking … Continue reading

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kidlit and the tweetstream

One of the greatest things about belonging to SCBWI for me has been the community. Sitting in my first SCBWIWA conference four years ago I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by hundreds of people who were passionate about the … Continue reading

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loss and poetry

When I am sorely challenged I read poetry. I look to poems for solace, understanding, the telling of hard truths and unexpected joy. I haven’t yet grasped the enormity of the loss to this earth of Japan as it was, … Continue reading

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japan & the new york times via dominique browning

Along with the rest of the world I’ve been watching the news from Japan unfold with horrified fascination. Japan is such a near neighbor, and there is so much commerce and exchange that it’s hard not to feel it personally. … Continue reading

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    I love this picture of me with my sisters, jumping down a sand dune at the beach in California. I love the joy and the action, the clouds and the blue, blue sky. Here is what I would … Continue reading

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multicultural storytelling for kids

I’m a big fan of Mitali Perkins. I loved her workshop on incorporating multicultural characters into the books we write at last year’s SCBWI Western Washington conference, so when I came upon this terrific discussion over at The Reading Tub … Continue reading

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