inspiration wednesday – travel

I love to travel but I hate leaving. Once I have arranged for someone to take care of the animals, cleaned my house and packed I am seized by regret and anxiety. Why can’t I just stay home in my nice clean house with my beloved pets? Why must I go through the unpleasantness of air travel only to face the unknown city, the trials of lugging around bags, and horrible pillows? This phase inevitably passes and I will chatter away about my trip to anyone who will listen once I am safely home again, but I don’t travel as much as most people I know or the other members of my family. I have a friend though, who travels incessantly if only to keep up with his partner – who has taken travel to a whole new level. You know those birders who rush from place to place, checking off birds on their life list? He’s like that with going places. The opposite of me. My friend has just returned from a trip to Sweden, where the grey skies parted and loveliness reigned. As always, he took fabulous photographs.

No one takes the trip you would take. The eye you would cast on a city or a place might seek out the same landmarks and views, the odd display or quaint city street. But the memory would be theirs, and the photographs taken of these places and moments would be their own. I’m posting three of Sean’s photographs because with three images anyone can make a story. Change their order, you have a different story. Or three stories in different relationship to each other. At least that is the way my mind works. What three images would you put together to make your own story?

Have an inspiring summer, and may you travel where you wish.

Photos by Sean Stearns, 2011. Aurlandsfjord, Norway; Oslo storefront; Stockholm at night.


About Tina Hoggatt

I am an artist and writer and work for 4Culture, King County's cultural arts organization.
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6 Responses to inspiration wednesday – travel

  1. Janet says:

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing the fun and insight.

  2. Sean says:

    This is awesome Tina. You made me look at these pics in a whole new way, and all before I probably woke up for the day. I marvel.

  3. Tina Hoggatt says:

    Oh, baby – I did the thing that is the worst bad manners when running a blog: missed your comment. Thanks! And thanks for the use of a few of your many beautiful images.

  4. James Stearns says:

    Sean does have an eye for photos … something he didn’t get from his Father though but the love of travel is from his Mother !!! Although I haven’t seen them all (his pictures) he has shared with me some of his better ones. Lovely blog. I am currently in England seeing all that this part of the world has to offer …

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