i will be the water today

I commute to work by bus. This is my writing time and the time I review other manuscripts to give feedback to my writing pals. Before the bus leaves the park & ride I have my laptop open and am starting to work. I keep my head down to the work until we reach the I-90 bridge. I always try to sit on the north side of the bus so I can look south across the water. Today I check to see if Mt. Rainier is out and rest my eyes on the water. The mountain is a cloudy shape, like a whipped cream version of itself . The sun is out and the water gleams. As I do every morning I close my eyes and breathe, saying to myself, “I am the water, I will be the water today.” Sometimes I substitute the word ‘mountain’ for water, depending on what quality I think is most needed for the day ahead. I hardly ever attain this goal but I love this moment in my day, refreshing and just for me.

Alas, I didn’t document this morning’s mountain shrouded in clouds, but this photo gives a great version of my morning (and afternoon) lookout. Photo via pacific standard


About Tina Hoggatt

I am an artist and writer and work for 4Culture, King County's cultural arts organization.
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One Response to i will be the water today

  1. I see you. Don’t commute, but each time I cross Lake Washington I take in the water, like air, becoming.

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