It’s a mashup of thankfulness, people, a Thanksgiving shout out to some of the blogs that sustain me and to the people who write them.

Over the past year I’ve winnowed my blog-following down to those that offer me essential information, provoke me to further exploration and learning, or tell stories that resonate in my life and have staying power. The sorting mechanism is my in-box. If a blog is worth the space in my mailbox and if I keep on opening posts and then read or click through to the blog, I know this one is a keeper. I am so grateful I live in this age of information, overwhelming as it can be. Here’s a grab bag of folks who make my life better.

Rachelle Gardner is a literary agent and prolific blogger, intent on building and serving her community and offering writing advice and publishing wisdom to writers. This week’s post on creating a holiday writing plan and including exercise into the mix came at the right time.

Slow Love Life features Dominique Browning’s posts on beauty, savoring the moment and connecting to authentic experience. She is a passionate advocate for the environment and a committed mother, writer and editor. Her Thanksgiving post offers up an appreciation of scientists, typical in its  connections across disciplines. Her post on losing her job and her advice on where to look next came into my life at the perfect moment. Timeless advice: Go Where The Love Is.

Kelly Barnhill

Every time I see the name Kelly Barnhill in my inbox I get happy. An author of books for young people, she posts about the writing life and its context: family, childhood, the highs and lows of this life. I have been haunted by her post on a recent loss, intrigued by her experience with ghosts and loved this week’s reverie on Christmas trees. I could hang out and listen to her kids talk for hours.

The Book Designer. So grateful for this untiring resource of information on book design, the emerging state of publishing, ebook problem solving and general digital boosterism. Joel Friedlander rocks, and he is generous with his knowledge.

Guy LeCharles Gonzales tweets, Tumbles and posts on publishing, digital media and libraries. A reader and a poet with an impulse toward community, Guy is always smart, warm hearted and out there on the edge of the new, making connections. I will save a post from Loudpoet until I have the time to savor and absorb it. I came across Guy when he was the steward of the Digital Book World roundtable, where he impressed me with his wide-ranging ideas and inclusivity. I’m a big fan of the mind behind the man.

Galleycat is the daily news from publishing coming out of Mediabistro. Thank you, Mediabistro for your online classes and all around brand of awesome. You made a huge difference to me this year. Ditto to Shelf Awareness, whose daily compendium of bookstore news, author info and book reviews I read on my phone while waiting for the bus.

For pure, unadulterated fun it’s hard to beat Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, the Great Gyre of all things romance and many things publishing. Sarah Wendell is Sass Mistress of the site which features book reviews, the hilarious service of HaBO (you can look up that definition here), and news from the digital publishing front. Thanks for making me laugh while serving up knowledge to the community.

From all of these fantastic platforms I am building the larger picture of publishing, authors and the books they write. I feel myself to be a part of one of the conversations that defines our time and for that I am deeply thankful.


About Tina Hoggatt

I am an artist and writer and work for 4Culture, King County's cultural arts organization.
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2 Responses to Thankspiration

  1. glecharles says:

    Wow! I just stumbled across this shout-out; thanks so much for the kind words! 🙂

    Hope your new year has gotten off to a good start?

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