How Creativity Works

“The act of feeling frustrated is an essential part of the creative process. Before we can find the answer, before we can even know the question we must be immersed in disappointment, convinced that a solution is beyond our reach.”

A friend who is opening for author Jonah Lehrer for his Imagine: How Creativity Works book tour lecture on Monday night posted this video online today. It’s a great piece of advertising I think and inspiring as well. It gives an idea of the book, it makes us want to know more, it has profundity in its short presence and it’s beautifully put together. Way to create a book trailer! If this were not enough to get me to go to the event at Town Hall Seattle on Monday night, the fact that Vis-à-Vis Society  is opening for Jonah Lehrer, conducting their patented brand of scientific research and delivering results post haste, would tip the balance. I am so there.


About Tina Hoggatt

I am an artist and writer and work for 4Culture, King County's cultural arts organization.
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