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Poetry Monday: Ogden Nash

In the big book of poetry for children that lived on our bookshelf for years I often returned to a short and rather silly poem by Ogden Nash. I liked the idea that you could make a poem in two … Continue reading

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Story Chairs: Anne Cunningham

The chair tried to look comfortable and important as the people passed by, their legs looking so tired, like they could use a good sit. One pair of legs bounced up and down, they belonged to a small girl upholstered … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Bishop and Books Around The Table

I am going to use Poetry Monday to highlight one of my favorite blogs, Books Around The Table, co-hosted by four marvelous illustrators, Margaret Chodos-Irvine, Laura Kvasnosky, Julie Lario and Julie Paschkis. Their posts are always rich in visuals and inspiration … Continue reading

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Story Chairs – an invitation

I’d like to invite you to participate in a project I’m working on. For a show at the Missoula Art Museum several years ago with Jeffry Mitchell, and with the help of talented craftsman Ben Oblas, we made two story … Continue reading

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Wendy Wahman & Snowboy

Wendy Wahman, author illustrator of Don’t Lick the Dog and A Cat Like That has a new book, written with her husband, coming out this fall. Check out the trailer. Wonderful!

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Walt Whitman – Poetry Monday

Walt Whitman for this Monday, in his vigorous and brave spirit of the self as celebration of life. I was obsessed with Leaves of Grass in high school and with Whitman’s life, his service in the Civil War, his regard … Continue reading

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The Fault In Our Stars and Ruby Lhianna Smith

John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars deserves every bit of the praise and attention it’s received since its publication. If I’d found this book as a teenager I would have seen myself and hugged it close, even though I’ve … Continue reading

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